Friday, 11 July 2008

11/07/08: Introductions

This is my new limited edition blog! Much like a new Happy Meal toy: this is my new 'toy' for my upcoming holiday. Tomorrow I leave for Doncaster Airport with my parents. We are flying to Barcelona, and from there driving a hire car into France.

We are spending two weeks in the Pyrenees: one week in one house, one week in another. There is a computer at the first house and to keep myself busy and make me feel like I have some contact with the outside world, I will update this blog with stories and pictures every so often. Usually after a holiday I update my various blogs with overwhelmingly huge blogs describing the trip and what I did. They are boring to read and usually unfinished. This blog will be kept updated and, hopefully, will be much more exciting.

I know that so far information has been sketchy, but as usual I know very little about this holiday. I have a rough idea of where we are going, and some things we will probably get up to (I'm keeping them to myself as a surprise). But otherwise, I know diddley-squat.

I would start this blog with a picture that symbolises packing and getting ready to go. However, I have already packed my stuff away so that's out of the question. This post is just a simple, tedious introduction. I promise that the blogs to come over the next two weeks will be much more interesting and I hope you enjoy the pictures I plan to take. It is the first time the DSLR I bought in February has been out of the country and it simply doesn't have the capacity to take the usual number of pictures (hundreds) I take when on holiday. My Dad is also taking his laptop, so the plan is to take as many pictures as I please throughout the day, edit them on his laptop when we return, upload some onto the internet, save the good ones, and delete the rest. I shall repeat this process until it's time to come home.

I'm running out of things to say, and thank God. I will post again tomorrow with pictures and tales of a days stress, travelling and beautiful scenery.

Ciao for now! I'll be in touch.


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