Friday, 18 July 2008

18/07/08: End of Part One

Today is our last day in Couiza. We've got to pack tonight and be outta here by tomorrow morning. Our next destination is Ceret which is even further South than we are now. It is just south of Perpignan which is, as my mother tells me, 'the photography of Southern France'. I really fancy a trip there and apparently they've got a good university. Mum keeps dropping hints that it might be worth checking out. I don't see why not, although I don't really speak the language. I can read French fine, but I have bother understanding people and stringing a sentence together. Though in fairness, it has been two or three years since I studied it at school, and most of it has been washed out by German which I studied at GCSE. It's also very near the Spanish border (at least, nearer than we are now) and makes a day trip to Barcelona much more of a possibility. No doubt we'll spend the day there over the next week. I hope so. I'd very much like to see Barcelona.

Back to today, we went to a man-made lake not far from Carcassone. It is purposefully built to swim in and whatnot. I didn't go swimming - I've gone off swimming over recent years, not sure why - I was just in the mood to read my book, which I ended up finishing. We stayed there in the sun for a couple of hours before heading back and having dinner. On the menu tonight: lasange. I'm really not in the mood for lasange, but seems I don't have a choice. Then it's time to pack and off to bed.

As you will no doubt have noticed, there are no pictures in this blog today. That's simply because I didn't take any today. I've spent the whole day relaxing and reading; I haven't even picked my camera up once, except to needlessly put it in my bag where it has stayed all day. Nevermind. This gives me chance to deal with the mound of unedited photos I still need to trawl through. That is why there have been no blogs about the past two days: I'm yet to finish editing the pictures. They'll be up soon enough.

The future of this blog is now hanging in the air. The only reason I've managed to keep it up so routinely is that the computer in this apartment has broadband, which is connected to the laptop. I will be able to keep writing the blogs and editing the photos, but there is no broadband at the next apartment and we do not know if there is wi-fi. We shall have to see. If the worst comes to worst, I will not be able to post these blogs in real time. I will have to store them up and publish them all when I return home to England. Fingers crossed.

As for now, this is end of part one of our Pyrenees holiday. Part two will commence tomorrow. Hopefully, I'll be able to tell you all about it.



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